Texas Legislative Session and Liberty Legal Institute

Family Action Organization would like to publically thank Mr. Kelly J. Shackelford, Esq., Chief Counsel for the Liberty Legal Institute, along with his staff for the outstanding work they did during the recent Texas legislative session. 

Below are the highlights:

* A course on the Bible will now be added in almost every school district in Texas.
* Government spending increases were cut in half compared to last session.
* A religious freedoms protection bill passed to protect every Texas public school student (in fact, most of the testimony on the bill in the House and Senate came from our cases and students).
* A law strengthening marriage by encouraging pre-marital education before marriage now exists.
* The T.I.F. tax, which you see on every one of your phone bills, is now repealed and dead.
* “In God we Trust” is now displayed in the Texas House and Senate, and “One state under God” is added to the Texas Pledge.
* A bill outlawing our Voter’s Guide was killed, as well as many other truly bad bills.

Kelly and his staff at Liberty Legal Institute doing an outstanding job of protecting religious freedom and we are very grateful for their hard work.  God bless them. 


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