Middle School field trip to Planned Parenthood?

Yes, you read correctly.  On Wednesday, students in the Manchester STAY program, a program for at-risk middle school students that is operated by the YMCA, visited the Planned Parenthood offices as part of a field trip to social service agencies throughout the city.  The school is looking into the incident but this is a very good example of how our public school’s are losing control and there is no accountability. 

Planned Parenthood targets our youth as future abortion customers so we should be very aware of their tactics to brainwash our children.  Also please note that this was a group of “at-risk” students who may be dealing with tough issues such as pregnancy.  This is very scary and we should all be doing our part to stop the federal funding of Planned Parenthood.  That’s right, your tax dollars are footing the bill of this horrible operation!!! 

Read the entire article here and let us know your comments!


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