The Senate Blockade: Judicial Nominees Under Fire by Homosexual Lobby


“Judge Leslie Southwick, Bush’s judicial appointment to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is under attack from the left for his decision in two cases, despite an impeccable record.  One of the cases involves a 2001 dispute when the court gave custody of a child to a father instead of lesbian mother.  Despite the fact that many factors were involved in this decision, and that Southwick joined the majority opinion, some are trying to paint him as biased and unworthy for the bench for agreeing with a decision mentioning the “homosexual lifestyle” as a factor.  The vote in the Judiciary Committee is tomorrow (Thursday) and such baseless attacks, posed by left-wing groups like People for the American Way and others, should not go unanswered.

ACTION: CLICK to call your Texas Senators and support them fully in standing for Judge Southwick. “


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