ACLU asks Slidell City Court to remove Jesus portrait

The ACLU’s attack on Christianity continues….From North Shore Updates.

By Christine Harvey
St. Tammany bureau

“Jesus has no place in Slidell City Court, or so says the Louisiana ACLU, which has requested that court officials remove his portrait from the lobby within a week or face the possibility that the organization will file a lawsuit to force the issue.

Several people have complained to the ACLU about the picture, and one has filed a written complaint, prompting the organization to intervene, said Joe Cook, the Louisiana chapter’s executive director. The ACLU also wants the court to remove lettering beneath the portrait that states: “To know peace, obey these laws.”

The organization sent a letter Wednesday to court officials saying that the display violates the First Amendment and, therefore, must come down. Specifically, it violates the Establishment Clause, which holds that church and state must remain separate, the ACLU says.

The organization said the court’s actions serve to advance religion.

Slidell City Court Judge Jim Lamz did not return a call Wednesday for comment. “


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