Family expert says kids better off with dads around

From One News Now.

Rusty Pugh

A family expert says children involved with dads are safer, smarter, and healthier.

Family experts Dr. Allan Carlson and Paul Mero have written The Natural Family: A Manifesto, which describes what U.S. public policy would look like if people were serious about restoring the American family.

Carlson says children without involved fathers are more likely to get in trouble with the law, perform poorly in school, and experience abuse than are children who live with their natural parents. Children do better, he says, when they grow up with their biological mother and father bound together in a marriage.

“Any variation from that at all, children are going to suffer — predictably,” says the author. “They’re going to have more trouble, more difficulty getting along in life.”

According to Carlson, fathers provide physical and emotional protection for children. “A biological father, in particular, has almost a magical effect on the educational attainments of sons and daughters,” he shares. “And they keep the boys in line, which is absolutely necessary for any successful society.”

Dr. Carlson is president of the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society.


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