Privatizing our Faith

Are you ready to defend your biblical worldview in an anti-Christian society?  I was reading a recent One News Now interview with Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship, in which Chuck talks about the Chritian faith, “It’s not an imposition; it is a proposal, because we believe in free will,” he explains. “If you look at Christianity, the essence of which is love and grace, it becomes tremendously appealing to people — and yet, they have this negative stereotype.”

I truly believe this negative image is brought about because we privatize our Christian faith.  Being a Christian is not just looking to God for inspiration, but seeking his direction in our life.  Here is a small excerpt from Chucks interview:

Colson believes most Christians cannot defend their faith because the church no longer puts a premium on the defense of biblical truth. “We privatize the faith,” he says. “We don’t care so much any longer about truth, as we do about therapy.”

“You know, when truth retreats in a church, therapy takes over — [we are more concerned about] how can we make people feel better about themselves. That’s not what the church is for,” he states. “The church is for worshipping God.”

God never promised us that the Christian life was going to be easy, in fact, quite the opposite.  How can you make your faith in Jesus Christ known today?  Let’s stop privatizing and start evangelizing!

Listen to the Chuck Colson report:  or read the entire report:


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