Scared Faithless: Gods and Gays in the 21st Century

An excellent post I wanted to share with you from Gary Randall over at Faith and Freedom Network.  Gary’s group does some excellent work fighting for family values in the Washington area.

“I was contacted yesterday by Athima Chansanchai , a reporter for the Seattle PI.

Her email told me she is writing a story on an upcoming show by the Seattle Mens’ Chorus called, “Scared Faithless: Gods and Gays in the 21st Century.”

She said, “The program is a collection of music, skits and testimonials concerning gays who are people of faith, some of who are conflicted about being a part of religious institutions that have – or still reject them and their lifestyles.”

I was traveling from Eastern Washington and did not get her email until this morning so was unable to give her a comment, but I certainly have some thoughts.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Love the sinner, hate the sin?” Well, I think there is some validity in that if properly understood.

While the Bible extends God’s love and forgiveness to all who have errored in their ways – and we all have, it clearly condemns, in strong terms, the practice of homosexuality and defines the consequences.

God is able to love the sinner and hate the sin – often people are not.

The homosexual community has created an environment where if someone takes a position against their lifestyle, they are immediately marked as a bigot or a hateful person.

The title of the Mens’ Chorus upcoming show suggests something else to me.

There are two very different worldviews. One holds to the belief that there is a higher power that has creative and eternal authority. Traditional Christianity believes that the God of the Bible is the true eternal God, that He manifested Himself in the flesh through His Son Jesus Christ – the Word became flesh and dwelt among them. They also believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and through its revelation of God and truth, gives us the ultimate authority.

Our Founding Fathers believed that freedom was a gift from this true God and government did not give people freedom, but was created to protect those God-given freedoms.

The Bible provides absolutes – there is a right, there is a wrong.

The opposing view is individual-centered. They believe that there are no absolutes, everything, including morality and truth, are relative. What I want is what is right. What I believe is what is true. How I choose to live is my morality.

This kind of thinking has been advanced by public education in recent years through the values clarification philosophy and its companion programs.

This philosophy believes that law must affirm and adjust to their desires. Nowhere is it more prevalent than in recent pro-homosexual legislation.

While a majority of our state legislators have been led down the path of adjusting to and affirming the gay lifestyle, I suspect the traditional Christian churches will not be as easily moved.

Not because they “hate” the sinner, but because God hates the sin.”


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