The Rebelution is coming to Dallas, Texas

Have you heard of the Rebelution?  If you are a teenager or a parent of a teenager you will definitely want to learn about this.  It is coming to Dallas very soon. 

“The teen years are the time in every person’s life to get direction, develop purpose and gain momentum. They’re the launching pad of life.

Unfortunately, many young people have bought into the lie that the teens years are a vacation from responsibility and as a result are wasting some of the most valuable and productive years of their lives.

Each main session is intended to creatively and powerful respond to this attitude by motivating and equipping young people, in light of God’s standards, to get serious about faith, family, and future.

    THE MYTH OF ADOLESCENCE: we can bust our culture’s lies by looking at what history and God’s word prove teens are capable of.
    CHARACTER COUNTS: competence without character is dangerous, character without competence is weak.
    DO HARD THINGS: adopting the mindset of a rebelutionary is the first step towards taking our teen years back from the culture.
    THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR: understanding the power of companionship and creating a dedicated counter-culture are keys to withstanding the mainstream”
    To find out more click here.

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