What Focus on the Family says about “Evan Almighty”

The Family Man 

I am sure you have all heard about Evan Almighty, the much anticipated spin-off of Bruce Almighty that opens this weekend.  There are many reviews out there from Christian and secular organizations with some good and some bad opinions.  The one that I have found most helpful is from Focus on Family’s pluggedinonline.com which typically gives solid movie reviews from a Christian perspective. 

In a nutshell, the review says that this is an exciting movie that for the most part and has a good message.  There are, however, some details that keep it from being a great family movie in my opinion which are all outlined in the review.  The choice is up to you and your family and what you think is best.  Personally, my family will not be seeing this movie but the choice is yours….please let me know your thoughts! 

Click here for pluggedinonline.com’s review of Evan Almighty.


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