Hate Crimes Law: A Real Threat to Your Religious Freedom

From the American Family Association.

“As we reported last week, Congress is considering a “hate crimes” law that would authorize enhanced punishments for crimes committed because of various reasons, including sexual orientation. If the law passes in the near future the federal government will be empowered to investigate and punish politically incorrect speech and thoughts. Think it can’t happen here? Consider what has happened in Oakland, California, where the following words disseminated through the government’s open email system and employee bulletin board have been deemed inflammatory and perhaps even a hate crime: “Marriage is the foundation of the natural family and sustains family values.”Please take a few minutes to read the insightful commentary about the Oakland case by columnist George Will titled, “When marriage became a ‘hate crime.’

The federal “hate crimes” legislation – H.R. 1592 and S. 1105 – appears on a fast track to passage unless you act today. It is a threat to your freedom of speech and your freedom of religion. “

Take Action

We are looking for one million Americans willing to take a stand and not allow a small group of homosexual activists to take away our freedoms. Can we count on you? Click on the link below to sign our Petition to Congress in Defense of Religious Freedom.Please forward this to others, especially your pastor, and ask them to get involved in protecting our freedoms of speech and religion. This threat to our religious freedoms is real!


Click Here to Sign the Petition Now!


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