D.C.’s Defenseless Marriage Act

From the Family Research Council.

“We all remember the tragedy of September 11, 2001, but what most Americans don’t recall about that day is the legislation passed by Congress in the late-night hours after the attack. While the country was still reeling from shock, liberals took the opportunity to push a bill that made unmarried couples in Washington, D.C. eligible for spousal benefits. Not only was the bill approved while the attention of voters was focused elsewhere, but it also broke an agreement not to move controversial legislation in the immediate aftermath of 9-11. Those calculated steps created a dangerous precedent in the nation’s capital that continues to plague the city–and, potentially, the nation. In the upcoming Financial Services Appropriations bill, FRC is working to block language that would allocate not just city funds, but federal funds to the District of Columbia’s domestic partner benefits. Under the 2008 proposal, taxpayers everywhere would be forced to subsidize lifestyles that devalue marriage, jeopardize public health, and hurt children, who rely upon the married love of a father and mother. The bill is also a blatant violation of the Defense of Marriage Act. FRC’s VP of Policy, Peter Sprigg, reminded readers of yesterday’s USA Today that the legal and financial benefits of marriage are not entitlements regardless of marital status. The argument that they should be is as ludicrous as suggesting that people who have never served in the military deserve veterans’ benefits. Call or email your representatives and urge them to make the nation’s capital a place where integrity of marriage is preserved. Note: late today the White House issued a statement that President Bush’s advisers would recommend a veto if the pro-federal-funds-for-domestic partners provision stays in the bill.”


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