Help Your Teen Develop a Biblical Worldview: What can you do to help your teen develop a biblical worldview? Here are three tips to get you started.

From Marc Fey and Focus on the Family.

“Have you noticed that you aren’t the only one talking to your teen? I don’t mean your teen’s friends or teachers, as influential as those conversations are. No, I am talking about the people whose faces you will never see, the ones behind the thousands of advertising messages that bombard our young people every day.

I am thinking of the filmmakers, TV producers and thousands of special interest groups who know (sometimes better than Mom and Dad) that our teenagers are the future. They are working from this pragmatic belief: “Teach the teenagers how to think and you own the future.”

Thankfully, many parents are wary about the messages their sons and daughters are getting, even while realizing it’s virtually impossible to filter these messages from a teen’s experience. However, that might not be all bad. If the sheer persistence of these messages forces us as parents to teach our teenagers how to think about life and learn to filter messages for themselves, then we have given our young people the ability to think critically. And, hopefully, our teens also will be trained to defend their faith in a world increasingly hostile to family values and Christian faith.”

To read the full article click here.


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