Study Shows Secularist Public Schools Indoctrinate Even Christian Kids

From Jim Brown, Jeni Parker and the Agape Press. 

A researcher has revealed some disturbing trends regarding the sets of beliefs Christian students in public schools have about the most important issues in life.

Dan Smithwick is the founder and president of the Nehemiah Institute, a group that provides a biblical worldview testing and training service to Christian educators. He is the developer of what is called the “PEERS test,” a tool to assess the worldviews of young people, and says the majority of public school students from evangelical Christian homes consistently score in the “socialist” category on the test.

According to Smithwick, this outcome should come as no surprise, considering the fact that secular humanists are currently shaping America. He notes that socialism, a political and economic philosophy that commonly emphasizes government control and redistribution of wealth over personal responsibility and private ownership, often goes hand in hand with secularist attitudes and a generally non-biblical worldview.”

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