What is the American Dream?

This past June Forbes magazine had a column in which many celebrities and other notables were asked to answer the question, “What is the American Dream?”.  Some of the answers provided were the following:

Tom Brokaw replied, “To me, the American Dream is the freedom to choose to live how and where you want, to determine how you’ll be governed and to provide your children with even more choices than you had.”

Kurt Russell believes, “… the American Dream has changed – now I believe it’s a wish for freedom at no cost, an existence devoid of scarcity and free from judgment of any kind.”

Condoleezza Rice, said, “The American Dream is being dealt with and considered on your own merits.”

Oliver Stone threw in his thoughts, “The American Dream is a rigged, corporate-controlled monetary system, which encourages just enough market force and cash liquidity for a newcomer to achieve his vision of the American Dream – despite our Soviet-style corruption at the top, our maze of regulatory behaviors and the onerous dislocations of the military-industrial complex.” What?!

Ted Turner said, “The American Dream is very similar to the dream of people all over the world who dare to dream of prosperity and a high-consumption lifestyle, a dream which has become very difficult if not impossible to sustain.”

Donald Trump responded, “The American Dream is freedom, prosperity, peace – and liberty and justice for all.”

How would you answer this question?  Personally, I like Chuck Norris’ answer.  To read Chuck’s answer click here.


2 Responses to What is the American Dream?

  1. Joey B. says:

    Awesome article! Chuck for President in 2008! Ain’t no one close to him!

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks very much for the comment

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