A More Sensible Solution to Religious Bias in Science

From Evolution News.

A litigation attorney for the past twenty-eight years proposes an alternative remedy to the problem of religious bias in science, one that is routinely used in American courts.

To read the proposal click here.


2 Responses to A More Sensible Solution to Religious Bias in Science

  1. laelaps says:

    Chris, I would disagree that Larry Caldwell’s proposal was “sensible”; if anything it’s an attempt to polarize science, making evolution inherently atheistic. Not all evolutionary scientists are atheists, although nearly all (if not all) I.D. advocates are theists belonging to a monotheistic Abrahamic religion or derivative thereof. As others (even creationists) have pointed out, I.D. advocates are honest about their positions being religiously motivated when talking to those sympathetic to their cause (see Dembski’s weblog Uncommon Descent) although they claim that it is not while on the stand; either they’re lying or confused. If there is a need for honesty, it is from the side of major ID advocates; why they don’t simply come out and admit that their philosophy is based upon Christian/Jewish/Islamic theology, I don’t know. Anyway, the Discovery Institute has done a pretty fair amount of whining in the wake of the Dover trial, contra to their position that they’re not trying to push I.D. into public schools.

  2. Chris says:


    Thank you for the comment. Please explain why Larry’s proposal polarizes science and makes evolution inherently atheistic. By the way do you think evolution supports atheism? And when discussing evolution please explain what area of evolution you are talking about. The term “evolution” is used very loosely these days. As you know there is macro/micro/etc. You are correct that not all evolutionary scientists are atheists. However, a very high percentage of evolutionary scientist are atheists (a new survey indicated 95% of evolutionary biologists are atheists). There are some proponents of ID that are atheists as well. They are not all theists. I am not sure how anything in your comment proves that Larry’s proposal is not sensible. But I appreciate the comment. What is your worldview by the way? Are you an atheist?

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