ACLU Targets Courthouse Jesus Painting

From the Family Research Council.

“Mayor Ben Morris in Slidell, Louisiana is pledging to fight a lawsuit filed Tuesday by the ACLU seeking the removal of a courthouse painting that contains a depiction of Jesus along with messages promoting equal justice under the law. The Alliance Defense Fund’s (ADF) Senior Legal Counsel Mike Johnson spoke out against the ACLU attack as he agreed to defend the city in court, saying the picture was there legally and that it sends a message of equal justice under the law. I thank ADF for fighting back and believe Mike is exactly right. The ACLU may be offended by our religious heritage but this does not give it the authority to strip any acknowledgement of God from public buildings. Whether it’s silencing student-led prayer, attacking the display of crosses, or removing Ten Commandment displays, the ACLU has been on relentless rampage to remove any vestige of Christianity from the public square. The ACLU reaps millions of taxpayer dollars by going after local governments that recognize our nation’s religious history in any form or fashion. It’s time that we put an end to the ACLU’s money grab by enacting the Public Expression of Religion Act, now before Congress. Contact your Members of Congress and ask them to sponsor this bill, which would ensure that no monetary damages are awarded to litigants who bring cases against a local or state official who expresses or accommodates religion. “


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