ADF attorneys file lawsuit to help Christian denied his constitutional rights due to oppressive ordinance that bans offending another person

From the Alliance Defense Fund.

“On the evening of Nov. 18, John Todd Netherland stood outside on a public easement to speak about his Christian faith about 75-100 feet from the entrance of a local bar.  Even though Netherland stood on public ground and not on private property, a police officer told Netherland he could not preach there and instructed Netherland to move instead to the far side of the public easement, closer to the street.  The officer then warned Netherland that if he stepped back to the place he’d been standing, he’d be arrested and sent to jail.

Netherland assured the officer that he would comply.  Nevertheless, the officer told Netherland that if he continued to preach, even in the new location, he would arrest him anyway, for “disturbing the peace.” 

To read the full article click here.


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