Fiddling While Rome Burns

From the Family Research Council.

“Today the Washington Post seems to support the strategy of “if you hit the American people enough times on the head with a judge’s gavel they will finally come around.” Their editorial uses the recent failed marriage amendment vote in the Massachusetts legislature as proof positive that “democracy (is) catching up with the court.” The Post ignores the alleged vote-buying by supporters of same sex marriage – all of whom were trying to avoid a marriage referendum in the Bay State during a Presidential election year. According to the latest Pew Research Center national survey the percentage of the American public that opposes gay “marriage” and civil unions has significantly increased over the past year. As to the assertion by the Post that marriage hasn’t crumbled “under the weight of homosexuals seeking” to redefine it, they are ignoring significant social trends that indicate just that. Illegitimacy and cohabitation are increasing and becoming increasingly accepted. The more Americans separate sex and children from marriage, as the homosexual lobby seeks to do in its so-called “pursuit of rights,” the more accepting of the abnormal becomes normal and generational damage is done. To think in such selfish terms as the Post does when it comes to marriage causes damage to our children most of all. “


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