Episcopal Priest Suspended Over Muslim-Christian Conflict

I am glad to see some action was finally taken against the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding for her completely outrageous statement recently in the Seattle Times that she is both a Christian and a Muslim.  Anyone with the slightest knowledge of Islam and Christianity knows that this is logically impossible.  This philosophy of religious relativism that has become so pervasive in our culture today is incredibly dangerous because it completely distorts the truth.  The truth as Dr. Emir Caner, Dean of  of The College at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, states is that  “It is a logical impossibility for someone to be both a Muslim and Christian since they stand in direct opposition to each other on such crucial theological issues as the cross, resurrection, and salvation.” 

By Eric Young and Christian Post

“A priest who claimed last month to be both Muslim and Christian has been suspended for a year, according to reports.

The Rev. Ann Holmes Redding, the Episcopalian who made headlines after she told the Seattle Times that she was ”100 percent” Muslim and Christian, must now take a year from her position at Seattle’s St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral after 23 years of priesthood.”

To read the full article click here.


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