Clinton Dwells on Faith as a Central Part of Her Life

The above headline is that of a recent story in the New York Times.  To read the story click here. I cannot help but laugh when I read headlines like the one above or come across shows while flipping the channels like the recent Democratic faith forum on CNN (it should have been on Comedy Central).  Am I to believe that politicians who strongly support abortion, (even partial-birth abortion!), same-sex unions, and anti-religious stances in agreement with groups like the American Civil Liberties Union are devout Christians?  How stupid do these politicians think Americans are?  It is crystal clear that these politicians policies violate the historic teachings of Christianity on abortion, on marriage, on religious expression and so forth.  These are obvious “well-scripted” attempts to use liberal mouthpieces like the New York Times and CNN to redefine themselves as persons of deep faith for election purposes.  These polticians know they need a certain percentage of the evangelical vote to win.  Hillary Clinton might dwell on her faith but she sure doesn’t follow it or possibly even have it.


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