Let’s Go out to the Ballpark – NOT!

From the Family Research Council.

“Two recent stories illustrate the unfortunate success that homosexual activists are having in making the acceptance of homosexual relationships commonplace in every walk of life–from the bar exam to the ballpark. From Massachusetts comes word of a federal lawsuit by plaintiff Stephen Dunne charging that he was denied a law license because of his “refusal to affirmatively accept, support, and promote homosexual marriage and homosexual parenting” in response to a question on the state’s bar exam. Although resolution of the suit may rest on a decision as to whether he could have answered regarding the state of the law without having to “accept, support, and promote” it, the incident shows how same-sex “marriage” is eroding values in Massachusetts. (Ironically, the lesbian relationship described in the bar exam question ends in infidelity, domestic violence, and divorce.) Meanwhile, on the left coast, the San Diego Padres saw nothing wrong with combining a homosexual “Pride Night” with a “Padres Floppy Caps for Kids” promotion in last night’s nationally televised game. But Set Free Ministries, a Christian group that ministers to homeless and addicted people, protested by pulling its 42 volunteers who would otherwise have worked the concession stands in return for a share of the receipts–an estimated $1,680. Kudos is due to those willing to stand against the casual acceptance of homosexuality. No doubt some will now call for the ministry to be banned from the ball park for their stand! “


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