Blissfully Uneducated

An interesting article by Victor Davis Hanson at on the current state of the college educational system.

“Colleges lost their way in the 1960s, contends VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, a classics professor. Students now get a ‘therapeutic curriculum’ instead of learning hard facts and inductive inquiry. The result: we can’t answer the questions of our time. 

Is “ho”—the rapper slang for the slur “whore”—a bad word? Always, sometimes, or just when an obnoxious white male like Don Imus says it? But not when the equally obnoxious Snoop Dogg serially employs it? 

Is the Iraq war, as we are often told, the “greatest mistake” in our nation’s history? 

Because Israel and the United States have a bomb, is it then O.K. for theocratic Iran to have one too? 

Americans increasingly cannot seem to answer questions like these adequately because they are blissfully uneducated. They have not acquired a broad knowledge of language, literature, philosophy, and history.”

To read the full article click here.


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