Democrat Official “Comes Out” as Active Pagan

From Mike Hein and the Christian Civic League.

An email (see below) posted publicly recently on a pagan website from another Kennebec County (ME) Democrat Pagan official.  Accompanying the email text are images recently obtained by the League of the Immanent Grove Gnostic pagan Shrine to Hecate located at 2328 Bog Road in Sidney, Maine.  This is where the Kennebec County Democrat Committee Chair, Rita Moran, and other Central Maine pagans worship the Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic.”

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2 Responses to Democrat Official “Comes Out” as Active Pagan

  1. Eric Robbins says:

    Yes, religious persecution is just fine, when you’re doing the persecuting, isn’t it, Mr. Hein?
    You trespassed without permission or knowledge of the owners, invaded the religious space of others with intent to harm their well-being, and have insisted that the Democratic party have a test of faith for public office. Freedom of religion is not something you value, it seems.
    You should be ashamed.
    Need help with that beam in your eye?

  2. Heh. You guys are too funny.

    You want to see something really neat? Check out this site.

    All that dough there? All in response to you guys. You just raised a fair chunk of our yearly budget. And guess where we’re gonna put it… toward defeating the next Penny Morrell that comes around.

    Oh, and it doesn’t count as “outing” if people already know your religious affiliation. I’m not gay, but if I say I am, will you attack that too? I could raise money from a whole new community if you do that.

    Love, peace, and porkchop grease,


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