Sexual Healing

From Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council.

“Christians have proclaimed for two millennia that the truth of Jesus Christ can release men and women from enslavement to destructive behaviors (John 8:31-32). The homosexual movement argues, when it suits them, that homosexuality is a characteristic set in concrete from birth. Christians have always known better (I Cor. 6: 9-11). Powerful evidence of this came in the past week as Michael Glatze, formerly of Young Gay America, and one of the founding editors of YGA Magazine, renounced homosexuality in an article posted on Glatze, now in his mid-30s, announced his homosexuality at age 20, and, as a magazine editor, became a celebrity often appearing on TV and in magazines. Yet Glatze turned in another direction, recognizing: “God is regarded as an enemy by many in the grip of homosexuality or other lustful behavior, because He reminds them of who and what they truly are meant to be.” Furthermore, homosexuality alienates men from God: “Lust takes us out of our bodies, ‘attaching’ our psyche onto someone else’s physical form. That’s why homosexual sex – and all other lust-based sex – is never satisfactory…” Thank God for the saving grace that has brought Michael Glatze down this new path. Undoubtedly, his trials and temptations will be great, but he has much to teach this nation in this time of great sexual confusion. “


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