Support Senator Brownback in the fight against filth on TV

Please support Senator Brownback and this legislation.  This is extremely important.  From the American Family Association.

“Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas will soon introduce legislation to curb the excessive use of violence and the use of profanity on TV. He needs your support now!

By a 2-1 vote, a liberal federal court recently struck down the TV decency law.  In essence, the court said your children (and you) don’t deserve protection from the filth on TV.  Like the ACLU, the court felt that broadcast TV should be allowed to show anything anytime! 

Author and culture critic Chuck Colson has written a column concerning this situation. Click here to read Colson’s column.

The Brownback legislation (amendments to a current bill) addresses two seperate issues regarding the enforcement of federal FCC rules.

The first amendment establishes the clear intention from Congress that the use of the “f-word” and “s-word” on broadcast television are in violation of decency laws.  It is designed to allow the FCC to enforce the law without allowing liberal judges to misinterpret the law and side with the television executives.

The second amendment directs the FCC to establish rules regarding excessive violence.  Currently, broadcast decency laws to no address violence, and therefore the FCC has no authority to fine network stations for violence. “

Take Action

Create and send an email your two senators today. Tell them to support the Brownback amendment!

Forward this email to your friends and family.


Click Here to Email Your Senators Now!


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