Gov. Perry Holds Bible Bill and Pro-Marriage Bill Signing Ceremony

From Free Market. Some good news for those of us in Texas. Please write the Governor to let him know you appreciate his efforts.

“Yesterday, Gov. Perry held a ceremony signing two key bills relevant to religious freedom and strengthening families into law. The Gov. expressed support for HB 1287, which promotes Bible curriculum classes in public schools, and HB 2685, which waives the marriage license fee for any couple who attends a pre-marital education course. More than 312 school districts across the nation offered a Bible course in 2005-2006. HB 1287, authored by Rep. Warren Chisum, will require all Texas school districts to offer such a course as an elective. HB 2685, a measure intended to promote the sanctity of marriage and combat a large divorce rate, changes the current law by doubling the marriage license fee from $30 to $60. This fee is altogether waived if a couple commits to at least 8 hours of pre-marital counseling. Free Market Foundation’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Jonathan Saenz, attended the ceremony and thanked the Governor for his support of these important values. CLICK HERE to see pictures of the ceremony.”


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