Sin in the city

From the Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council.

“Homosexual newspapers, pornographer Larry Flynt and others who despise pro-family values are using Louisiana Senator David Vitter’s admission that he hired an escort service and committed a “serious sin” as an opportunity to say that those who advocate for traditional moral values are hypocrites. Their statements leave me to conclude that the immoral behavior itself would be OK with them had the individual involved not taken a stand against immorality. Their hope, of course, is that Senator Vitter will be shamed into never picking up the pro-family banner again. I can’t and won’t defend David’s behavior, even though he is a friend and a former colleague in the Louisiana legislature. Visit my blog at to see my thoughts on Senator Vitter. I will, however, say that it is refreshing to see someone actually take responsibility for their “sin,” a word we don’t hear used anymore in this city. David represents a state that is overwhelmingly pro-life and where almost 80% of voters voted in favor of traditional marriage two years ago. His support of pro-family measures is simply a reflection of the voters he represents and of ideas that transcend politics. No doubt he will have to regain the trust of voters, as he has of his wife since these events occurred a few years ago. Part of regaining that trust will be maintaining his personal integrity and continuing to provide leadership on family and social issues even though the adversaries of the family will seize every opportunity to criticism him. “


One Response to Sin in the city

  1. ChenZhen says:

    Well, I think some people are beginning to see a pattern emerging. Vitter, Haggard, Foley. The most vocal seem to be the ones with the skeletons.

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