Tuning in to ‘Gay America’

From Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council.

“To inform voters about the position of their candidates, the Democratic National Committee has chosen to sanction one debate a month for the next six months. Their choice of venues speaks volumes about whom they believe they represent. For example, the DNC refused a debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus because it was to be shown on Fox News Channel. Instead, they’ve decided to host a debate on Logo, the self-described “channel for Gay America.” The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest homosexual lobby, is sponsoring this “first-ever televised Presidential debate devoted solely to [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] issues.” Leading Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Chris Dodd have all confirmed they will participate. The panelists, which include HRC president Joe Solmonese and singer Melissa Etheridge, issued a statement saying they plan to cover a range of issues including relationship recognition, marriage equality, workplace fairness, the military, and hate crimes. HRC won’t be the only group interested in hearing the candidate’s responses. All of the candidates claim to oppose gay marriage, though they support same-sex civil unions that confer most of the same legal rights. It will be interesting to discover the positions they take on such topics as homosexuals serving openly in the military and providing special rights based on sexual orientation.”


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