Tell North Korea to Free Christian Marked for Death

From the Family Research Council.

“International inspectors reported this weekend that North Korea has shut down a key nuclear reactor, making it eligible for international economic aid. But the world should insist that the North Koreans show progress in another area–religious liberty. Voice of the Martyrs, a ministry on behalf of persecuted Christians, is publicizing the case of Son Jong Nam, a North Korean who faces possible execution for sharing his faith. Last week, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) joined Mr. Son’s brother at a press conference at the National Press Club here in Washington to draw attention to the case. In 1998, Mr. Son defected from North Korea to China, where he became a Christian after meeting a South Korean missionary. But in 2001 the Chinese deported him back to North Korea because of his evangelistic work. He was imprisoned and tortured for three years, paroled in 2004, but then re-arrested in January 2006. Mr. Son has reportedly been sentenced to public execution as an example to the North Korean people. As was the case with Abdul Rahman, an Afghan man charged with a crime last year for converting to Christianity, raising your voice can make a difference. Visit the Voice of the Martyrs website for detailed information on how you can encourage this brother in Christ and pressure his captors to free him. “


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