APA — Reviewing 10-year-old policy on gay counseling

From Gary Randall and the Faith and Freedom Network.

“While taking the last couple of weeks off to vacation with my family, I tried to take a break from most of the news stories; however, a couple of them caught my attention.

The American Psychological Association (APA) is revisiting its 10-year-old policy on counseling gays and lesbians.

While this exercise of review could have easily been lost in the sea of conferences and meetings that are typically held this time of year, fortunately it was not. It was not lost to the gay-rights activists who saw the review as another opportunity nor to a number of Christian leaders, counselors and religious organizations who see the review as a blatant move to advance the gay agenda.

The disingenuous way the review panel was seated is almost unbelievable.

Fox News carried the story last week.

Five out of six people chosen for the review task force are committed gay–affirmative activists who are openly hostile to the reality that individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction can be helped.

The six people chosen include Dr. Judith M. Glassgold, a board member of the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy and Dr. Jack Dreshcher, a gay activist psychiatrist who strongly opposes reparative therapy for gays. Another member, Dr. A. Beckstead is openly skeptical of reorientation therapy and Dr. Roger L. Worthington received an award in 2001 from the LGBT Resource Center at the University of Missouri for “speaking up and out and often regarding LGBT issues.”

And these gays will decide if gays can receive counseling if they want to change?

This is a case of the foxes guarding the hen house.

The findings of this task force are already predetermined, much like several of Washington State gay-rights laws were given predetermination by legislators and committees even before hearings were held in Olympia.

It’s interesting that these folks proclaim themselves as open-minded and committed to diversity and choice, yet once again, their diversity has boundaries, open-mindedness only includes the predetermined outcome and choice is only for those who make the correct choice according to the activists.

The current APA policy currently opposes any counseling that treats homosexuality as a mental illness, but does not explicitly denounce reparative therapy.

Fortunately, a number of Christian and religious leaders, including the Southern Baptist Convention and Focus on the Family, have written a letter to the APA expressing their concern that the task force’s proposals would not properly accommodate gays and lesbians whose religious beliefs condemn gay sex. They said, “We believe that psychologists should assist clients to develop lives that they value, even if that means they decline to identify as homosexual.”

Jody Huckaby, PFLAG executive director, said that reparative therapy has been particularly harmful for young gays whose parents insist on trying to change their sexual orientation. This, of course, from the folks who actively recruit young children under the guise of sex education.

There is no evidence that homosexuality is anything other than a choice. While it may be influenced by conducive social environments, it is a choice.

The task force’s preliminary report will probably be submitted by December.”


One Response to APA — Reviewing 10-year-old policy on gay counseling

  1. beetlebabee says:

    I’ve been following quite a few NARTH articles lately since proposition 8 came roaring through, knocking me off my complacency plateau.

    Homophobia. Ever wonder where that ubiquitously nifty word that doubles as a spiked club actually came from? Scientists? Medical Doctors? English Majors? Nope. Activists! Convenient isn’t it? I’m learning so much.

    It’s amazing to me that the APA could have been pressured to change medical practices because of peer pressure. Aren’t psychologists supposed to be immune from something as obvious as peer pressure?


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