‘Gutsy’ Evangelical Campaign Aims to Reach 30 Million

From Lillian Kwon and Christian Post.

“Over the next five years, a prominent conservative evangelical ministry plans to speak biblical truths in plain English to a wider global audience of 30 million people.

And according to Brian Fisher, executive vice president of Coral Ridge Ministries, the culture today really needs that – scriptural truths.

“I fear that many, many Christians today are living a watered down, pain-free Christian existence,” he stated on his latest blog. “They pick and choose their brand of Christianity to conform to their personal preferences or choices. If the culture is OK with what the Bible clearly calls sin, let’s just throw that one out under the guise of it not being relevant anymore. If that doctrine seems archaic, let’s just invent one that makes us feel more comfortable in our so-called modern society.”

To read more click here.


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