Mrs. Edwards Backs Unequal Justice

From the Family Research Council.

“Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, is diligently protecting his left flank. I reported yesterday on how she promised that her husband’s health care plan would cover abortions with taxpayer dollars. She’s also recently exhibited the fuzzy thinking behind “hate crimes” laws. Mrs. Edwards said that President Bush (who has signaled he would veto a federal “hate crimes” law) “doesn’t seem to recognize the evil in hate crimes,” adding, “The right to live without the fear of being murdered for whom we love is not a special right.” Of course, all violent crimes are “evil,” and “the right to live without the fear of being murdered” is something that should belong–equally–to everyone. Yet equal protection is exactly the principle violated by “hate crime” laws. Edwards alluded to the death earlier this month in Sacramento of a man who allegedly was the target of “anti-gay slurs” before being assaulted. Blame for the murder is being laid upon evangelical Christian Slavic churches in the area solely because assailants reportedly spoke Russian. Those who say that “hate crime” laws won’t lead to infringements of religious liberty–but then blame “hate crimes” on peaceful religious opposition to homosexual conduct–are talking out of both sides of their mouth. FRC is running print and radio ads in four states this week and next to raise awareness about the debate going on in the Senate over “hate crimes.” Join us in opposing this insidious legislation and call your Senators. Tell them that a “NO” vote on “hate crimes” preserves the American system of equal justice under the law.”


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