Passage to Indian Revolution

From the Family Research Council.

“In what could be a turning point in the global war against female oppression, India voted Saturday to elect its first woman president in an historic vote. Pratibha Patil, a name that could spell liberation and opportunity for the country’s suffering female population, received nearly two-thirds of the vote. For pro-lifers, the election could be a significant step in the fight to rescue the millions of girls who fall prey to the rampant sex selection in India’s male-dominated society. In its latest report, UNICEF found that 43 million of the 100 million women worldwide who would have been born–were it not for factors like “gender-specific” abortions–would have been Indian. The country has long viewed girls as an economic liability since brides’ families are traditionally required to pay a sizable dowry to the grooms’ parents before marrying. As a result, the rate of sex selection has soared, leaving a devastating gender gap in its wake. We can only pray that Patil’s election means the beginning of the end of discrimination against Indian women and a chapter in moving toward a culture of life. “


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