It’s time to reclaim America

From Dana Williamson and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

“Sally Kern is first and foremost a pastor’s wife. But she is also a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, and concerned about the future of our nation and its religious freedoms.

“The Bible says we are to be salt and light, and I don’t believe that is just in the church,” said Kern, who is the wife of Steve Kern, pastor of Oklahoma City, Olivet.

Kern said, as a pastor’s wife, she knows the most important thing is for a person to have a personal relationship with Jesus, but “if we don’t live in a society favorable to faith, we won’t be able to share the gospel message.”

She said she believes the world is becoming antagonistic toward the Christian faith.

“If God’s people don’t get involved, we will lose the freedom to open our doors and share our faith,” she admonished. “We will be limited in what we can do. There are things going on in this country where people’s Christian faith is being challenged.”

Reiterating that this country was founded on biblical principles, Kern said if the church today doesn’t learn the true meaning of the first amendment instead of a distorted view of separation of church and state, Christians are going to lose religious freedoms.”

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