When tolerance = censorship

From Gary Randall and Faith and Freedom Network.

“It happens. And it is happening with more frequency.

A school teacher at Montgomery County, Maryland’s Thomas S Wootton High School, has said that a group that supports people trying to leave homosexuality is, “like the KKK but only in the form of religion.”

The teacher wrote an email, using a school-issued email account, telling parents of PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays) that she was upset about their distributing fliers to students even though the parents were in compliance with school policy. In fact, she was so upset that she said, “Stay out of our schools and leave our children alone.”

Our schools?

Our children?

So much for “tolerance.”

Montgomery County public school district is introducing a pro-gay curriculum in all its middle and high schools this fall.

The teacher also happens to be the co-sponsor of the high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance Club.

The new curriculum describes homosexuality as “innate” and exposes kids to propaganda like this statement, “It took a while for me to figure out that I was a bi-sexual. I’ve had great relationships with men and women.” Copies of the curriculum are posted at Citizens For a Responsible Curriculum.

You might want to check out what these folks are doing in their school district and do something similar in yours.

Parents simply must take charge in their local schools.

Public schools, in too many cases, are becoming, “The new parent.”

Gay activists always deny these kinds of situations or simply try to tag them as rare. Unfortunately, they are becoming more frequent.

Michelle Turner, spokeswoman for the coalition called Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum (CRC) said, “They are essentially telling the kids that unless they accept homosexuality, there is something wrong with them.” Turner, a mother of six kids with two of them in the school district said, “These kids have no ability to voice their objection. These lessons are so tightly scripted; there is really no discussion that is permitted to take place.”

These parents received some bad news just last month. The Maryland State Board of Education denied their appeal, ruling that the district’s controversial lesson plans do not violate the law because, “Teaching tolerance of diversity is a civic value” with a secular purpose.

So, the message is clear.

Anything taught in the name of “tolerance” trumps parental rights and free speech and religious freedom rights.

Tolerance is a guise for secularist, homosexual activists to re-engineer society. And there is not a more fertile ground than with your children in public school.

While tolerance rules in the classroom, intolerance rules in the main lobby of the school where school personnel set-up trash cans with PFOX’s name on them, encouraging kids to throw the PFOX fliers in the trash.

And what was the message on the flier? It encouraged kids who were struggling with same-sex attractions that change is possible.

Clearly, there is a desire on the part of the school to indoctrinate the kids.

Turner said, “People need to start asking questions and realize their child is sitting in a classroom for six hours a day, and what they are being exposed to in that classroom is impacting their thinking and their beliefs.”

Do you know what your child is hearing in his or her classroom?

The teaching and training of children is the responsibility of the parents – take responsibility.”


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