Paradox of the Michael Vick case

From Gary Randall and Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation.

“Most everyone is aware that Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Michael Vick appeared in court yesterday – his trial is scheduled for November 26th. He is charged with, “helping to run a brutal dog-fighting ring in Southeastern Virginia.” (Washington Post).

The Washington Post is reporting that several hundred animal rights demonstrators almost shut down a section of downtown Richmond, holding pictures of bloody dogs and signs such as, “Mike Vick makes us sick.”

More than 20 television satellite trucks packed the streets and ESPN paid people to stand in line for them to be sure they got a seat in the court.

This whole thing makes most of us sick. I, like most of you, grew up having a dog. I loved each one of them and I have always believed they loved me as well.

It’s easy to understand the outrage, if these charges are true.

What I don’t understand, though, is what seems to be a paradox in this matter.

Dogs, as pets, are like part of the family. No wonder there is such frenzy in Richmond, but are people not as important as pets?

There have been millions of abortions in America. Where is the outrage? Where is the frenzy? They are human beings, created in the image and likeness of God that are pulled from mother’s womb and disposed of in garbage containers. Some are within a few weeks of birth.

Heritage House has the statistics. Take a look at the numbers. And weep. Or become outraged. Or both.

In a related story, a pharmacy owner and two pharmacists have sued Washington State over a new regulation that requires the sale of emergency contraception; also know as the “morning after pill.” (Read story).

Governor Gregoire had pressured the state board of Pharmacy to adopt it. She, of course, stands behind it.

The plaintiffs said their civil rights are being violated because the state is forcing them into “choosing between their livelihoods and their deeply help religious and moral beliefs.”

I know the Stormans, one of the plaintiffs who own Ralph’s Thriftway in Olympia. They are honest, God-fearing people who have served their community for years.

So, there is outrage toward the abuse of dogs, while there is passion – perhaps outrage toward the idea of halting the steady advancement of abortion and its subsidiaries.

God help us.”


2 Responses to Paradox of the Michael Vick case

  1. jennifer says:

    We shouldn’t just be outraged about dogfighting. We have a long ways to go in the way we treat animals:

    Watch those videos and weep. It’s sad and disgusting.

  2. Chris says:

    What about the way we murder unborn babies?

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