Hanging on … But Not for Dear Life

From Alan Sears and the National Catholic Register.

“Planned Parenthood is feeling the pressure as pro-life views gain popularity.”

Sometimes, a simple movie review can give you a pretty good glimpse of the current nuances of our culture.

A recent glance at “Plugged In,” the Focus on the Family website that thoughtfully monitors the latest entertainment releases, brought to my attention two new films that offer an intriguing clue to our nation’s changing attitudes on abortion.

The first is a comedy called Knocked Up — and that crass title is apparently a fair indicator of the kind of humor muddying the screen. According to the review, an ambitious young television reporter finds herself pregnant after spending a drunken night with a stranger. About the only redeemable element of the film, apparently, is the woman’s decision to have the baby, despite the circumstances of its conception, and regardless of how it might impact her life and career.

Waitress features another young woman who wakes up pregnant after a drunken night (with her abusive husband). She subsequently has an affair with her gynecologist. Again, the reviewer notes that, while the film is no celebration of traditional family values, it does honor the young woman’s commitment to having her child. She says she respects “this little baby’s right to thrive.”

I don’t endorse either movie, even as entertainment, but they are evidence of an emerging trend — not just in recent films, but in the culture these films reflect. “Pro-life” is becoming the choice of a new generation.

A January 2006 Zogby poll found that 52% of respondents said abortion should always be available — a drop of 13-16%, in less than a decade. Even more significantly, recent polls show that 72% of teenagers aged 13 to 17 said abortion is morally wrong, while only 19% believe it should always be legal.

Those numbers add up to a definite downturn for America’s premier abortion provider. The baby-killing business just isn’t what it used to be.”

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