“Screen Kids” — A Generation Raised by Electronics?

From Al Mohler and almohler.com.

“A British think-tank has sounded a warning about a generation of “screen kids” who are being raised by “electronic babysitters.” The report also warns that these children, largely parented by digital devices, are spending more and more time in their bedrooms — alone with their electronic entertainments.

The report is entitled “Watching, Wanting, and Wellbeing,” and it was released by Britain’s National Consumer Council. As The Guardian [London] reports:

NCC chief executive Ed Mayo said: “Today’s children are now ‘screen kids’. In some streets, every bedroom has a television for children and many have a computer.

“With many children watching or surfing when they wake up, at breakfast, after school, during dinner and in bed before sleep, we need to ask whether the electronic screen has now become the electronic babysitter.”

To read more click here.


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