Islam’s Advance in American Classrooms

It seems that not every religion is meant to be separated from the state. From Matt Hadro and Campus Report.

CAIRing School Districts

“When the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals declared unconstitutional the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, some Americans bemoaned the fact that their country founded upon religious freedom was fast becoming atheistic.

The same court could now be touted as an Islamic force. Atheists are no longer getting the special treatment, in certain schools anyway. Allah is “what’s up” now.

If the increasing slant by the media and special interest groups towards militant Islam today is not enough proof, several public schools throughout the nation have exposed their own thoughts on the problem. In legal war of attrition, parents of students in a California school district eventually lost authority over the education of their own children to the 9th Circuit Court.”

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One Response to Islam’s Advance in American Classrooms

  1. Allyson Rowen Taylor says:

    watch this clip about Columbia as part of a documentary about bias in the University

    In the course of producing “Indoctrinate U”, one of the toughest
    things to do was decide what to drop from the film. Our first
    rough cuts ran about two hours, which felt too long. But trimming it
    down meant we had to say goodbye a few segments we really liked.

    We’ll be releasing some of those deleted scenes over the coming
    weeks and months.

    The first one, called “Columbia Quiz”, just got posted.

    While talking with students in the quad at Columbia, I was
    approached by two police officers who demanded a permit before
    allowing us to continue filming. When I went to find out what was
    involved in obtaining a permit, I got the distinct impression that
    filming at Columbia was not unlike trying to film in some
    third-world dictatorship:




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