Twisting in the Wind

From Bill O’Reilly and

“Twista” and his twisted brethren may seem to be a minor annoyance but, in reality, they are negatively impacting the entire country. Their garbage helps no one.

Yo, have you heard of a rapper named “Twista?” As with many in the hip-hop industry, his chants are full of violence and ho, ho, ho’s, with no connection to the Yule season. He liberally throws around the “N-word,” which I believe the NAACP wants banned, and often mentions shooting people to death with guns. He’s quite a fellow.

So, naturally, the McDonald’s corporation, which features a clown as a pitchman and has installed playgrounds in front of many stores, hired “Twista” to appear on a promotional concert tour. But many people were not “lovin’ it.” They loudly protested the hiring so, after a few days, McDonald’s fired the guy.

At first glance, this is no big deal. A major corporation makes a dopey decision and then wises up. Happens all the time. But looking deeper, there are some very troubling things in play here.

There is no question that McDonald’s markets its food to families and younger people. “Twista” appeals to a young demographic, but his product is so disturbing that you have to wonder what kind of corporate executive could possibly think it would be appropriate for any mass market presentation.”

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