PTC Lauds XM/Sirius for Promising Real Choices for Families

From the Parents Television Council.

“The Parents Television Council™ praised XM and Sirius satellite radio for announcing their commitment to provide consumers and families the ability to choose their programming on an a la carte basis, pending approval and completion of their proposed merger.  In addition to offering their traditional bundles of programming, XM and Sirius will offer more affordable a la carte packages, including an option for families to block adult-themed channels and receive a price credit for the unwanted programming.


“This announcement by XM and Sirius constitutes the best set of parental controls we’ve ever seen to not only prevent children’s access to adult-themed programming, but to enable the marketplace to decide what it wishes to purchase and pay for,” said PTC™ President Tim Winter.


“If the merger is approved and satellite radio gives its customers real choice in programming, it will be a groundbreaking moment for the future of subscription-based entertainment,” Mr. Winter continued.  “There is no question that greater control of graphic content, combined with giving consumers the ability to have some control over packages and pricing is in the public interest and certainly in the interest of parents and families.”


To read more click here.


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