SBC Leader Urges Churches to Discuss ‘Exit Strategy’ From Public Schools

Should Christians remove their children from public schools or not? Please comment on this issue.

From Bob Allen and

“A Southern Baptist seminary president who two years ago called for an evangelical Christian “exit strategy” from public schools now chides churches for neglecting to help parents make responsible decisions about their children’s education. 

On Friday’s “Albert Mohler Radio Program,” the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary lamented that while millions of Christian parents are making decisions to remove their children from public schools and either enroll them in Christian schools or teach them at home, the issue isn’t on the radar screen in many churches. 

Mohler said he chose the topic in part because of a conversation he had with a mother who told him the education of their children is one of the biggest decisions her family faces, and yet no one in their church talks about it. Many of their friends use alternatives to public education, the woman told Mohler, “but there’s no structured way of having the conversation.” 

“Well there ought to be,” Mohler said. “Christians ought to be thinking these things through, and we ought to be talking to each other about how we need to make these decisions and encourage each other on what convictions and principles should we make this decision, what kind of information can we bring to the process, and what kind of experience have you had with the option you’ve chosen.” 

A generation ago, with the exception of Catholics, few religious parents ever gave second thought to sending their children to public schools, Mohler said. Today, he added, “We face a new situation.” 

While many parents say they eventually decide to take their kids out of the public schools in older grades because they fear for their safety, Mohler said he is as concerned with curriculum designed to secularize children and indoctrinate them into a post-Christian society. 

“The problem is not just the kind of drugs and stuff that goes on in some of these schools,” he said. “It’s the curriculum. It’s what’s being taught. What do they want these children to become? That’s the frightening thing in an awful lot of these settings.”

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