*WARNING AS TO EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT* – San Diego Firefighters Forced to Participate in “Gay Pride” Parade Subjected To Gross Sexual Gestures and Obscenities: Thomas More Law Center Files Claim

From the Thomas More Law Center.

*WARNING AS TO EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT* – San Diego Firefighters Forced to Participate in “Gay Pride” Parade Subjected To Gross Sexual Gestures and Obscenities: Thomas More Law Center Files Claim

“Four respected San Diego firefighters were ordered, against their wishes, to participate in uniform on their city fire truck in the city’s annual “Gay Pride” parade. During the course of the ensuing three hour long ordeal, the firefighters were subjected to vile sexual taunts from homosexuals lining the parade route. This included the following statements: “show me your hose,” “you can put out my fire,” “you’re making me hot,” “give me mouth-to-mouth,” “you look hungry, why don’t you have a twinkie (from a man wearing a “Girth and Mirth” t-shirt),” and “blow my hose.” These firemen are devoted husbands and fathers. When they refused to respond to the crowd, some in the crowd turned hostile and started shouting, “F—k you firemen” and others began “flipping them off.”

San Diego area attorney, Charles LiMandri, the West Coast Director of the Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is representing the firefighters in their legal claims against the city. LiMandri was also the lead counsel in the successful Mt. Soledad Cross case in San Diego. A 52 year native San Diegan, LiMandri stated: “What happened to these dedicated public servants was inexcusable. The City should have known from past experience the kind of offensive activities that go on at this event. This was a clear case of sexual harassment in violation of state and federal law as well as the City’s own code of conduct.”

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center added, “These firefighters dedicated their lives to save the lives of others. They did not sign on to become unwilling props to a controversial political and social agenda.”

Continued Thompson, “The constitutional right to free speech also protects the right not to speak. These men should not have to explain to their families, friends and church congregations that their presence at a celebration of lewdness and obscenity in support of the homosexual agenda was because they were forced there by way of a direct order. This is a clear violation of their constitutional rights, and the City must be held accountable. It should never happen again to any city employee.”

The firefighters were also targets of gross sexual gestures to include the following: exposure of genitals, blowing kisses, grabbing of the crotch, rubbing of nipples, tongue gestures, men hugging and kissing one another passionately, many of them wearing make-up and dressed like women. Although the firefighters were not physically assaulted, the gestures were clearly directed towards them.

The so-called “Gay Pride” parade took place on July 21, 2007 in San Diego. On July 20, 2007, the four firefighters in question were told by their superiors that they would be participating in the parade. All four repeatedly protested that they did not wish to participate. In the past, firefighters that participated in the parade generally did so on a volunteer basis. On the morning of July 21, 2007, however, these same four firefighters were ordered into their uniforms and made to participate in the parade in their fire truck. The firefighters were left with the Hobson’s choice of either violating their conscience or being disciplined for disobeying a direct order.

While on the parade route, the firefighters were subjected to the most vulgar kinds of sexual harassment. To quote one of the firefighters: “You could not even look at the crowd without getting some type of sexual gesture.” This firefighter further added, “If any crew member were to hang up pictures at the station of what we saw, we would be disciplined.”

Local papers reporting on the parade made no mention of the lewd and offensive behavior that characterized the parade.

Brian Rooney, an attorney and Director of Communications at the Law Center who lived in San Diego for over three years while serving as a Marine officer commented, “This event panders to the most base elements of what is advertised as ‘America’s Finest City’. Even the homosexual community should be outraged and ashamed of the sexual harassment these firemen were forced to endure.”

Fire Chief, Tracy Jarman, an open lesbian, stated, “This is a fun event and all employees are encouraged to participate.” When Jarman was appointed Fire Chief she stated that her homosexuality has never been an issue at the department and she has never seen any gay-related trouble. Rooney commented, “Obviously the environment at the department has changed for the worse since Jarman has been appointed Fire Chief. ‘Participation’ should be a voluntary act—these four firefighters had no choice in the matter and that is wrong no matter what one’s sexual orientation.”

Thompson commented, “This is another example of how radical homosexual activists in positions of authority force their agenda on unwilling citizens. Although the local media avoided mentioning the debauchery and the obscenity that pervaded the parade, the general public should know what went on and how these firefighters were forced to participate against their will.”

The Thomas More Law Center defends and promotes the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life through education, litigation, and related activities. It does not charge for its services. The Law Center is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations, and is recognized by the IRS as a section 501(c)(3) organization. You may reach the Thomas More Law Center at (734) 827-2001 or visit our website at www.thomasmore.org.”


6 Responses to *WARNING AS TO EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT* – San Diego Firefighters Forced to Participate in “Gay Pride” Parade Subjected To Gross Sexual Gestures and Obscenities: Thomas More Law Center Files Claim

  1. efs5r says:

    from Schmitz Blitz: schmitzblitz.blogspot.com

    Pride Parade Sets Back Gay Rights

    When will gays learn that they are only hurting their cause for mainstream acceptance by participating in lewd Gay Pride parades, in which they themselves conform to all of the most negative stereotypes about them?

    What’s worse, when you force other people to attend, like four San Diego firefighters who are now suing the San Diego Fire Department for sexual harassment.

    I think the fire fighters are being a little mellow dramatic (maybe something they picked up from the drag queens) when they say, “I’ve dealt with finding bodies in burning buildings, traffic accidents with kids, but I’ve never been so stressed out before until this incident,” nonetheless no one should be forced to attend any function against their will.

    In forcing these men to attend the Pride Parade, the San Diego Fire Department has only surrendered another PR coup to the Christian Right who are now running pieces like this.

  2. Chris says:

    Thank you for your comments.

    I have a few questions for you based on your comments.

    You said that “When will gays learn that they are only hurting their cause for mainstream acceptance by participating in lewd Gay Pride parades, in which they themselves conform to all of the most negative stereotypes about them?

    How are these gays in/at the parade “playing into stereotypes” as opposed to showing the public how they really truly are? Were these gays “acting” or is this who they truly are?

    You said that “In forcing these men to attend the Pride Parade, the San Diego Fire Department has only surrendered another PR coup to the Christian Right who are now running pieces like this.”

    How is the “Christian Right” as you called them using this as a “PR coup”? Isn’t the objective factual truth of how homosexuals acted at this event being reported?

    What do you have against people reporting the objective factual truth?


  3. efs5r says:


    Where to begin.

    I agree with you that stereotype usually has some accuracy to it when applied to any given minority. However, one must recognize that stereotype tends to exaggerate and distort the most superficial differences (and then turns these differences into moral flaws).

    I would start by asking you if you actually know any gay people closely. Friends? Family? Anyone that you are close to? I would be willing to bet that you would have an entirely different perspective on ‘those people’ if you did.

    I am being presumptuous, but I am willing to bet that you do not actually know anyone closely who happens to be gay. I do know a lot of gay people. I love some of them, I can’t stand others—pretty much the way I feel about any given sample of the population.

    That being said, I think that a lot of gays are putting up an act at events like gay pride. For every naked dancing boy I see for a few seconds walking by at a Pride event, I personally know five more gays who shun such displays.

    With regard to your remarks on reporting “objective factual truth,” I would say that the facts of this incident are not disputed, and I have no problem with them being reported as such. As you see from my original post, I actually agree with you in thinking that forcing these men (however exaggerated their claims of psychological damage may be) to march in the parade was wrong.

    However, I do dispute the way that people from generally conservative religious backgrounds paint an entire swath of human beings (who happen to be in the minority ) as depraved an evil.

    Thanks for the dialogue,


    Schmitz Blitz

  4. Chris says:


    Thank you for the reply.

    In answer to your question I do know some gay people.

    I have friends whose family members are gay and I have been around those gay family members and their gay friends often.

    I am not sure what different perspective you are referring to that I would have If I knew some gay people. I have not shared with you my perspective on gay people.

    Why do you think these gay people “put on an act” at this parade?

    What examples do you have of people from generally conservative religious backgrounds “painting an entire swath of human beings as depraved and evil?”.

    I am of a conservative religious background and thus I believe that we are all depraved and sinful in nature. We are only saved from our sin by Jesus sacrifice on the cross for our redemption.

    Are you religious? Do you believe the Bible teaches that the act of homosexuality is a sin?

    I would be interested on your thoughts regarding the article below if you don’t mind.


    I appreciate the dialogue as well. It is nice to talk with you. I hope to hear back from you.

    Take care,

  5. efs5r says:

    You brought up many complex issues that are difficult to discuss in this sort of forum, but I will do my best to answer your points as briefly as possible

    1. I think gays at pride events are putting on an act because it is safer than being themselves. Imagine for a minute what would be like to find out you were gay, coming from a background that is not accepting of gays. You would either have to stay closeted and deny the possibility of experiencing the joys of falling in love with someone (a huge psychological burden) or come out and risk being rejected by your friends and family.

    When people are rejected by their families they turn to other people to recreate a non-biological family as a substitute. I believe that many gays, in order to feel the love and acceptance that they never felt from their family, force themselves into the gay stereotype in order to avoid further rejection from their adopted family of gays.

    That being said, I must emphasize that the things you see at pride are not an accurate representation of gay life. The gay people I know and associate with are pretty much the same as everyone else I know and associate with, minus the superficial differences in orientation.

    2. Do you really want me to list all the examples of demonizing and dehumanizing language many on the Christian right use against gays? You could start with your whole website, or Concerned Women of America, the Family Research Council, anything written by Paul Cameron, the Christian Coalition, large portions of the Republican party etc.

    3. I am religious.

    4. I do not believe homosexuality is a sin because I do not believe the Bible should be read literally. I realize that you disagree and that there is nothing I could ever say to make you change your mind. I am equally firm my convictions.

    5. I skimmed over the link you sent me, but it is far too long to comment on in depth. I’m familiar with all of the points the piece makes and I believe it is propaganda based on fact distortion. Here are a few links on how anti-gay activists distort facts about gays:





    Schmitz Blitz

  6. Chris says:


    Thank you for the reply.

    1. Where is the evidence to back up your assertion the gays who acted disgusting and lewd at this parade were doing so because they were trying to fulfill some “gay stereotype” based on some peer pressure? I do not follow your logic and reasoning at all.
    2. What are some examples of hateful things that FRC and other groups have done to gays? What is your opinion of FRC and these other groups?
    3. You are religious yet you do not believe the Bible? Please explain how you are religious and why you do not believe the Bible.
    4. The article I sent you was based on long hours of research resulting in sound factual evidence. What are the factual distortions? How is it propaganda?

    Are you gay?

    I appreciate the dialogue.

    Take care,

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