Author says Muslim group unwilling to distance itself from ‘jihadist agenda’

From Jim Brown and One News Now.

“A best-selling author is attempting to expose people to the fallacy of the notion that the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is a moderate group that merely protects the civil liberties of Muslims.

CAIR recently threatened to sue the Young America’s Foundation for having Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer address its annual Conservative Student Conference. Despite the threat, Spencer delivered the speech detailing CAIR’s ties to the Palestinian terror group Hamas and its efforts to advance the “jihadist agenda.”

Spencer points out that four CAIR officials have been arrested and convicted on various terrorism-related charges. “You have a very serious question about whether CAIR is really even concerned about the jihadist sympathies that its employees and officials may or may not hold,” says Spencer.

He also notes that CAIR’s condoning of the “flying Imams” lawsuit against passengers who reported their suspicious behavior will have the effect of making everyone afraid to report suspicious behavior. Spencer says that one really needs to wonder whose side they really are on.

According to the Jihad Watch director, people should be aware that CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper has stated he would the like the United States government to be Islamic under sharia law some time in the future. “American citizens need to know that this is not necessarily an organization that is everything that it claims to be,” he urges; “and [they] need to be on guard to ways in which it is, whether by accident or design, advancing the jihadist agenda.”

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