No worries for Cowboys at safety: Williams shrugs off criticism, says he’ll play with more joy

According to an article in the local newspaper, the Dallas Cowboys’ superstar safety will be playing with more joy and peace and less stress and pressure this season. What is the reason for this? Williams’ renewed life in the Lord.

From Calvin Watkins and the Dallas Morning News.

“Roy Williams said he’s going to play with more joy this season.

There will be no more haggling over his play at strong safety, no more worries about the media and fan criticism.

Williams is at peace with himself and his team as the season starts.

“He’s more focused and more determined,” secondary coach Todd Bowles said. “I don’t know what he does in his personal life, but he does seem to have a lot more peace in his life right now. At times last year, maybe he didn’t and it looked like he had a lot of things on his mind that he didn’t share. But this year, he has a clear conscience and has his mind on football.”

For as much as inside linebacker Bradie James is the heart and soul of the Cowboys defense, it is Williams who provides the edge.

Last season, he couldn’t provide it consistently. The Cowboys’ 3-4 defensive scheme kept Williams far from the line of scrimmage.

Williams didn’t register a sack for the second time in three seasons. He also had two tackles for loss, tying a career low. And for the first time in his career, he didn’t force a fumble. What Williams did was register 17 pass breakups, a career high.

Williams had to help rookie Patrick Watkins, who started at free safety, especially on long pass plays.

It led to a belief in the media that Williams was poor in pass coverage.

“I forgive you,” Williams said of the media criticism.

It’s that criticism that pushed Williams to spend more time with the fans. After almost every practice here in training camp, Williams is signing autographs. He walks toward the end zone and grabs pens and Sharpies and signs footballs, helmets, jerseys and posters.

Last week, after one practice, Williams left a golf cart where he was in the middle of a phone conversation and started playing two-hand touch with some kids on the field. He became the quarterback and started diagramming plays.

“I just want to tell as many fans as possible, don’t believe that I’m a bad guy,” Williams said.”

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