Former activist writes about emptiness of homosexuality

From Erin Roach and the Baptist Press.

“Even when he was deep in the sin of homosexuality, Michael Glatze knew it was wrong. And now Glatze, a former leader in the homosexual movement, is telling the story of his former life while exposing homosexuality for the empty, lustful lie it is.

“Homosexuality, delivered to young minds, is by its very nature pornographic,” Glatze wrote in a column published by WorldNetDaily in July. “It destroys impressionable minds and confuses their developing sexuality; I did not realize this, however, until I was 30 years old.”

Although Glatze’s new religion of Mormonism denies essential elements of Christianity, his story of leaving homosexuality is nonetheless significant.
The founding editor of Young Gay America magazine, Glatze declared himself “gay” at age 20, and two years later he launched an ambitious and successful career of recruiting other young men to embrace the homosexual lifestyle. A favorite interview source for major media outlets, Glatze was atop the ladder of something that was supposedly groundbreaking and invigorating. But he knew something wasn’t right.

“I feel strongly God has put me here for a reason,” the Dartmouth-educated Glatze told WND. “Even in the darkest days of late-night parties, substance abuse and all kinds of things — when I felt like, ‘Why am I here, what am I doing?’ — there was always a voice there. I didn’t know what to call it, or if I could trust it, but it said ‘hold on.'”

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4 Responses to Former activist writes about emptiness of homosexuality

  1. Nathan says:

    I read all the quotes of Mr. Glatze you’ve posted, and I cannot seem to find how homosexuality gets in the way of what we are truing here to be. I do not understand how homosexuality equals lust, automatically. Is that an allusion to any sexual act is all lust if not done to have children? That’s really discouraging, if that’s the case.

  2. Chris says:


    Thank you for your comments. It is hard to understand what you are trying to say. Can you please explain further. Thanks again

  3. Nathan says:

    I don’t see why Mr. Glatze said, “that homosexuality prevents us from finding our true self within. We cannot see the truth when we’re blinded by homosexuality” How does homosexuality blind us from our true self within?

    And why does he and his supporters believe, “God is regarded as an enemy by many in the grip of homosexuality or other lustful behavior, because He reminds them of who and what they truly are meant to be”?

    I don’t understand how homosexuality is a lustful behavior and hetrosexuality isn’t. Or how homosexuality contradicts who and what we are truly meant to be?

  4. Chris says:


    Thank you for the reply. I certainly cannot speak for Mr. Glatze.

    I would be interested in who and what you truly believe you are meant to be?

    Also, if you have some time and can review the below article I would be interested in your thoughts on it.

    This is certainly a very emotional and difficult topic for many. Take care and I hope to hear back from you.


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