Homosexual Activist Groups to Host Presidential Debate

From the Family Research Council.

“The Presidential Race Gets Gay!” notes the Logo channel, a 24 hour news service geared toward the “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trangendered” community. Tomorrow night (Thursday August 9, 2007) seven of the leading Democratic presidential candidates, including Senators Clinton, Edwards, and Obama, will attend the first ever debate specifically for homosexual issues. The debate is hosted by the far left wing gay activist group, Human Rights Campaign and will be broadcast from Los Angeles on the Logo channel.

The debate will be solely focused on advancing the homosexual agenda. As John D’Emilio, a “historian of gay history” at the University of Illinois at Chicago, recently told Newsweek, “[Democratic politicians] love to talk about gay issues and to welcome gay constituents into the fold, but they just haven’t provided very much concretely. Maybe that’s because since the ’80s there have been only very short periods when there’s been both a Democratic president and Democratic control of both houses [of Congress].”

Although the Democratic candidates are willing to articulating their stands on homosexual issues such as gay marriage, hate crimes, and the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, they haven’t expressed the same willingness to address the concerns of social conservatives within their own party.

The seven candidates that have agreed to speak to the homosexual lobby have so far not agreed to attend our Washington Briefing. If the Democratic contenders believe so strongly in their positions regarding same-sex marriage then why not attend our event and defend those beliefs? Or is it that Democrats have completely written off those who hold traditional values?”


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