Moment of Silence Challenged In Texas; “Under God” Also Challenged

From Free Market.

“The challenge to the Texas ‘moment of silence’ in public schools began in Dallas ‘ federal court on Tuesday. Carrollton atheist and father David Croft sued Governor Perry and the Carrollton-Farmer’s Branch school district in 2006 over the 2003 Texas statute.  Croft’s daughter attends Rosemeade Elementary school and claims the ‘moment of silence’ imposes religion upon her.  The law simply allows students a moment to “reflect, pray, meditate, or engage in any other silent activity” each morning in public school. A new lawsuit has been filed by Croft challenging the addition of ‘One state under God’ to the state pledge.  It is important to note that despite these attacks, the law is being vigorously defended by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Solicitor General Ted Cruz.  Cruz, a former clerk for Chief Justice William Rehnquist, is one of the brightest young attorneys in the country and was in Dallas personally to argue and defend the case.  Not all state A.G.s and S.G.s would be so committed to excellence in a religious liberties case as a priority.”

ACTION: Please call the Attorney General and Solicitor General and thank them for their commitment and stand for religious freedom. 


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