PTC Reveals Best and Worst TV Advertisers

From the Parents Television Council.

“The Parents Television Council™ released its ranking of the “Top Ten Best and Worst Advertisers” on television.  This annual report ranks advertisers according to how frequently they sponsor wholesome, family-oriented television shows or those containing sexually graphic, violent or profane material on broadcast television.“Television sponsors contribute to the television culture, either in a positive or negative way, by what programs they choose to support with their advertising dollars.  We applaud those on our best list because they are contributing to the well-being of millions of families by choosing to be responsible sponsors.  It’s a good business decision to be responsible, as we’ve seen recently demonstrated by Disney and the Hallmark Channel in choosing to ban smoking in their films and by McDonald’s decision to remove a rapper who consistently uses derogatory language in his act from its concert tour.  More companies need to follow suit and realize that their ad dollars do more than showcase their company — they are a tacit approval of the television show’s content.  Those on our worst list have sponsored some of the most heinous content on broadcast television, including shows that depict sadistic torture and drug use, discuss themes of bestiality, oral sex, and other sexually graphic dialogue, describe horrific crimes against children, and use foul language,” PTC President Tim Winter said.”

To read more click here.


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