The Bourne Buffoonery

A movie review and more from Bill O’Reilly and

“When The Simpsons Movie turns out to be more realistic than The Bourne Ultimatum, you know something is up. Nevertheless, the thriller is a big hit, proving once again that film audiences now want live action cartoons rather than crisp realistic films like The Ipcress File or The French Connection.

For those of you not familiar with the Bourne series, Matt Damon plays a CIA agent who becomes involved in the “Program” (as in, “get with the”). This sinister plan results in Damon being brainwashed, making him a lean, mean killing machine with no personal memories. Thus, he can murder without conscience, kind of like what Hollywood producers often do to scripts.

Anyway, Damon runs around beating up four guys at a time and eluding authorities all over the world. However, he turns on the CIA, so they must kill him. But they can’t, since Matt is Clint Eastwood and Sean Connery times ten. Plus, he has Julia Stiles helping him. No way the CIA has a chance.

I knew this movie was trouble when I read the reviews. Almost all the critics liked it. The only way American movie critics would like a violent car chase film like this was if it bashed the USA, which, of course, it does.”

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